"I had my partner, my mom, and my doula Meg Fulton and it was great having the extra support. I would totally recommend hiring a doula, Meg was able to step in and support me in a bunch of small ways that my husband probably wouldn't have known to do. Plus I think it took a lot of the pressure off him knowing he could mostly just be there for emotional support."  Meaghan H.

“Meg is a very calm and caring person. She was very flexible and good at listening to what our hopes were for our birth. We found one of the most valuable parts of having a doula present during the birth of our child was the postpartum aspect. Meg came to visit us at home afterwards and we were able to talk about the experience, she was able to give insight and clarity to some questions we had about the process which we really appreciated.” Tara G.


I am so glad you could fit me into your schedule & be my doula. You helped me tremendously during my pregnancy—during the birthing & postpartum. Thank you for bringing your calmness, relaxation techniques & pain distraction (ie. chocolate) to the hospital that day—I can say most of what I read was gone from my mind, your guidance was so needed to help keep me going. Should your contact info change please email or text me on update...should we go for round 2 in the future. Sincere Appreciation,”



We are very much grateful for everything you did! We would have been lost if you were not there to guide us throughout it all! During labour and delivery you were a crucial member of our team...I will never forget your passionate, loving, nurturing energy! Your part in our story will never be forgotten!

With admiration and respect,”


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