New website, same Doula

Welcome to my new website!

You might be familiar with my previous wordpress website ( ) but if not, hello! With the new year I felt a change was in order and I wanted to have more versatility when it came to design with my website. And a better URL that would be easier to just tell people about, too.

I'm not completely finished working on this new website of mine--where's my sand dollar logo, eh?--but I'm too darn excited and proud of what I've got so far to hold off from publishing it tonight. Here's what you can expect is yet to come:

A.) More testimonials (hopefully)

B.) More information about Spinning Babies

C.)More information about Reiki, especially in connection to it being used during births

D.) More pictures of my lovely clients and their adorable babies (only ever posted with permission first, of course)

E.) Lists of Resources

F.) Favourite things, like recipes, books, parenting life-hacks, and tips for partners

G.) Updates as I continue to learn, develop, and grow as a doula via workshops/trainings/certificates

Are you as excited as I am yet?! In the meantime, thanks for tuning in and please feel free to give me a heads-up if you want to see me add something in particular or have a topic you'd like me to write about in future blog posts.

Wishing you all the wonderful things your heart desires,

Meg, the doula.

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